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Dont need anymore, on Amazon they are $70 for all. Asking $40 for all or make an offer. Call or text if interested.
Excellent used condition. Under Armor emblem on sleeve, top of back, and bottom left on shirt. Size Medium. White and bright pink.
Selling comics priced $1-2 We just put out another 400 books, including 52, avengers, Grant Morrisons Batman, Brubakers captain America, and others.Were located in the Craftiques Mall on Bandera, just ask for booth FE-11.
Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Book Collection Volume 1 1990 to 1995 original team members Issues 1 through Final Issue 62 Plus Annuals 1-4 Total of 66 books.This is a great deal for you. Average price for books is $3.34 per issue if you buy whole collection for $220 Cash Value of Books is around $270 POC Local Sale Only Meet near 35th FM1103.Thank you.comicscomic books
Issue 260 Origin of Nebula Thanos DaughterGranddaughter condition of issue is vfnm. POC Local Sale Only Meet near I-35 FM1103 in Schertz Thank Youcomic bookcomicscomic booksguardians of the galaxy
Just a random selection of comics, includes first sandman , first death bird, del Otto covers, first rouge with X-men . .. Asking for $50
John Carpenters The Thing From Another World Rare Dark Horse Comics for Sale Local Sale and Cash Only Meet off of I 35 and FM 1103 in Schertz POC . Thanks1.John Carpenters The Thing From Another World Set Mini Series Issues 1-2 $102.Thing From Another World Climate Of Fear Issues1-31992 $15comic bookscomic bookhorrorsci fi
Green Arrow The Longbow Hunters 1987 1-3 First Print $15 for the setDC Green Arrow 1987, 1st Series 1, 1st print. $10Batman The Dark Knight Returns 1-4 1- 2nd print 2 to 4 1st print $100The Flash 1 1987 $151985 SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING 34 ALAN MOORE STEVE BISSETTE PSYCHEDELIC ISSUE DC-$8Animal Man 1 Sep 1988-$10WAR OF THE GODS 1 1991 DC WONDER WOMAN GEORGE PEREZ $5The Vigilante 50 Feb 1988, DC C...
Cap vs Wolverine. Condition of issue is Fine POC Local Sale Only Meet near I-35 FM1103 in Schertz Thank Youcomic bookcomicscomic booksavengersxmenx men
issues 195 first cameo of Taskmaster issue 196 first full appearance of Taskmaster. Condition of issues are fine to very fine POC Local Sale Only Meet near I-35 FM1103 in Schertz Thank Youcomic bookcomicscomic books

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For over 15 years my business partner and I have bought and sold thousand of dollars worth of merchandise. From Antiques to Baseball Cards. Over those years we spent well over $100,000 on merchandise. Unfortunately my business partner passed away the day before Christmas and I need to liquidate all the items we have in storage. We have over 12 large storage areas. He did most of the online sell...
Marvel Triple Action starring The Avengers Comic Books Bronze Age These 1970s Books are reprints of early Avengers books Issues are 15, 17-19, 21, 23-29, 32-44, 46-47 Giant Size 1 2. Books are not in NMint condition. But are around Fine condition , Except for Issue 15 It has water damage to its back. $100 for all 29 issues. books are not in plastic protected bags anymore . Local Sale Only. meet...
Ghost Rider Comic Books for sale. POC . Local Sale and Cash only. Meet off of I -35 and FM 1103 Thanks. 1. GHOST RIDER Volume 2 1-50 May 1990 to June 1994 and Annual 1 includes first and second print gold variant Ghost Rider 15 features a Glow-In-The-Dark cover -$140 2.Ghost Rider 2099 1-$3 3.Blaze Legacy of Blood 1-41993-$8 4.Ghost Rider Blaze Spirits of Vengeance 1-21 1992 -$50ComicsComic book
Savage Dragon Comics Lot for sale. POC Thanks 1992 Savage Dragon Mini Series 1-3 $91993 Savage Dragon Issues 1 to 122 125 $ Value 393 Prices $3401993 SAVAGE DRAGON VS THE SAVAGE MEGATON MAN Issue 1 $31997 SAVAGE DRAGON RED HORIZON 1-3 $91998 SAVAGE DRAGON SEX AND VIOLENCE 1-2 $62004 SAVAGE DRAGON GOD WAR 1-4 $121995 DRAGON, THE BLOOD AND GUTS 4 $3comicscomic bookscomic bookhellboyteenage mutant...
I have a box of old vintage comics that was given to me as a kid and currently in need for cash to help pay my hospital bills. They are all in special protective folders.First picture is the only signed comic. Sam De La RosaPlease look at photos to see all the comics I have for sale.Willing to sell them all for one price or individual if necessary.Thank you for your time.Text me at Will meet ASAP.
WW, Batman and Superman in Pink Glitter Material, Girls Rule in Black Multi Glitter Material. Excellent condition shirt. Size is DC Comics Girls XL (14/16)